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A professional, diverse, digital service management system

Smart Homecare System is a session-oriented management system designed for homecare services exclusively.

  • Export report with one click!
    • Report
    • Cost Calculation
  • Zero trouble choosing appropriate caregiver!
    • Dispatchment
    • Training arrangement
  • Easy monitoring with check-in and online searching system.
    Service provider
    • Mobile check-in
    • Supply management
  • Endorse the excellent care giver!
    • Notification
    • Online Assessment
More than you can imagine
  • Filter
    • Speed matching with service requirement filter.
    • Single or recurring session assignment.
    • Meeting or training session reminder.
  • Mobile check-in
    • Device synchronization.
    • Sessions are integrated to personal calendar for users to check time and action.
    • Activities and check-in history are recorded in the system.
    • Stored data are available for offline search.
  • Cost Calculation
    • Various types of reports fitting government requirements could be exported in excel.
    • Salary and compensation are calculated in the system.
    • Expense by client is calculated in the system.
    • Receipts with detailed charging records are available.
  • Online Assessment
    • In-app client feedbacks are sent to system database automatically.
    • Complete reports including assessment and caregiver activities can be exported in excel.
  • Supply management
    • Online application and approval. Real-time online management.
    • Application records and stock available for online searching.
  • Notification system
    • Coming sessions.
    • Charging information.
    • Training sessions.
    • Missed sessions.
One Touch Solution to All Tasks
Friendly interface, intuitive operation, online services.

Friendly interface, intuitive operation, online services.No need to of system installation or maintenance. All data are stored in the cloud and available for online searching and assignment with synchronization on device.

Cross-platform easy-to-access system

Features like check-in, instant searching, calendar and notification enable users to manage homecare services effificiently.

Detailed report with a click

Online management system allows better use of resources and time, and hence improve service quality and management efficiency.

Caregiver profile list
Smart filter. Double checking manually.
Pen and paper check-in and check-out records
One-click search on portable devices. Scanning QR code to do check-in.
Integration of all collected data
0Several days
One-click report export
Service Assessment
Printed and written records have to be keyed in the system manually
Sending data to the system with one click

Smart Homecare System is suitable for various kinds of homecare facilities with service efficiency enhancement. Rapid and easy digitalization saves much time and effort and optimizes resource allocation and reduces cost. As a result, facility managing staff could focus on other important things.


In addition to homecare service management, we also provide customization for customers, such as house cleaning, repairs, labor dispatchment, etc. E-mail us for more details.

  • House cleaning services
  • Labor dispatch
  • Repair services
  • Other Industries...